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Charlie’s Brewhouse Sandveld Lager

The result of six weeks of love and care – our twist on a South-African favorite. Beautiful in its simplicity, Sandveld is a light-bodied, refreshing, and humbly hopped beer. Having low to medium bready malt aromas balanced by a slight herbal spice of the Saaz hop makes this a great session beer for any occasion.

4 pack R69

ALC: 4.1%      IBU: 12

Charlie’s Brewhouse Boathouse Crystal Weiss

The newest member to the family. Boathouse is unapologetically, untraditionally filtered. This elegant golden-yellow, crystal-clear wheat beer has subtle fresh Orange flavours, harmonising wonderfully with its banana notes and spicy finish. Light in body and lightly hopped, Boathouse is another great contender for that perfect session beer

4 pack R79

ALC: 4.5%      IBU: 15

Charlie’s Brewhouse Lighthouse Blond

Introducing our exciting and dynamic blonde bombshell! Packed with that fruity punch – expect big hits of lichi in this one. Flaunting a subtle sweetness and a citrus aroma. The bitterness is moderate yet doesn’t linger, calling for that next sip. This is a refreshing beer with a lot more to it, a great starter to a hot day.

4 pack R69

ALC: 4.1%      IBU: 30

Charlie’s Brewhouse Cormorant Bourbon Stout

We went all out with Cormorant, combining two worlds-bitter and sweet. Oats and a multitude of malts give this sweet Stout its sumptuous base. Expect bitter, yet silky chocolateness from the cocoa nibs and the chocolate malt giving way to a smoky sweetness complemented by a bourbon twist. Cormorant is a moreish combination.

4 pack R79

ALC: 4.3%      IBU: 38

Charlie’s Brewhouse Harbour American Pale Ale

Chock-full of 5 big and bold American hops. We’ve created an intense flavour of tropical and citrus fruits with a slight pepperiness and dry finish. Its all in the method – we periodically add in the hops throughout the brew to get the most out of each one. The complexity and vibrant fruitiness of the Harbour is held up nicely by the moderate to high bittering and the higher alcohol volume.

4 pack R79

ALC: 5.4%      IBU: 40


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